Bit6 JS Quick Start

It is very easy to add Bit6 IP Messaging and WebRTC Voice/Video calling capabilities to your applications.


Sample App

The easiest way to get started is using our demo applications. Download or clone the repo to a local directory:

git clone


Set API Key

Edit samples/common/index.js file to set your Bit6 API Key:

// Init Bit6 SDK
var opts = {'apikey': 'myApiKey'};

Build and Run

The sample web applications are self-contained. You just need to serve samples/ folder via a web server. For example using superstatic (requires Node.js)

# Install superstatic globally. Just do this once
npm i -g superstatic

Serve the web app

cd samples

Open the displayed URL in a browser

Using Sample App

The sample application allows you to create users and let them send rich messages (text, photo, video) to each other as well as make voice and video calls.

Create a new user, or use an existing one.

IP Messaging

Create a new chat 'Direct' or 'Group'

In the chat screen you can make video/voice calls, send/receive text messages and attachments, see typing notifications.

Video/Voice Calling

Next Steps