Bit6 with Multi-OS Engine


Sample App

The easiest way to get started is using our sample applications. Download or clone the repository to a local directory:

git clone


Project Configuration

  1. Open ios/src/main/Info.plist and set the bundle identifier for your app. Make sure it matches the one used when configuring APNS push notifications.

  2. Open ios/build.gradle and set signingIdentity and provisioningProfile to match your bundle identifier. In some cases this is not necessary because Xcode does it automatically.

Set API Key

Edit and set your Bit6 API key in


Build and Run

Run Configuration

Select Edit Configurations in the Run menu in Android Studio. Add a new "Multi-OS Engine iOS Application" configuration to run on a Device.


Connect your iOS device and run the module.

Using Sample App

The sample application allows you to create users and let them send text messages to each other as well as make voice and video calls.

Create a new user, or use an existing one.

IP Messaging

Create a new chat 'Direct' or 'Group'

In the chat screen you can make video/voice calls, send/receive text messages, see typing notifications.

Video/Voice Calling

Use button at the top of chat screen to make voice/video calls