Bit6 with Telerik

It is very easy to add Bit6 IP Messaging and WebRTC Voice/Video calling capabilities to your Telerik applications.


Sample App

There are two sample apps available. You can add any of them directly to Telerik Platform by clicking on one of the buttons below. You may be asked to sign into your Telerik account.

  1. First sample app uses Telerik App Builder without integrating with Telerik Backend Services.

    Try in AppBuilder

  2. Second sample app uses Telerik Backend Services for user managements and authentication.

    Try in AppBuilder

    For this sample you need to add a Cloud Function as described in the Telerik Integration guide.


Project Configuration

Certificates - iOS only

Configure provisioning profiles and certificates

Set API Key

Edit js/index.js file to set your Bit6 API Key:

// Init Bit6 SDK
var opts = {'apikey': 'myApiKey'};

Voice/Video Call Support

If your app requires voice and video calling functionality, you need to add the following plugins:

If your application must support Android devices prior to 4.4, adding Crosswalk WebView plugin is mandatory.


Go to Run -> Build and select desired platform.

Make sure to choose App package! Bit6 does not work with companion app.

Using Sample App

The sample application allows you to create users and let them send rich messages (text, photo, video) to each other as well make voice and video calls.

Create a new user, or use an existing one.

IP Messaging

Create a new chat 'Direct' or 'Group'

In the chat screen you can make video/voice calls, send/receive text messages and attachments, see typing notifications.

Video/Voice Calling

Next Steps