Bit6 with

It is very easy to add Bit6 IP Messaging and WebRTC Voice/Video calling capabilities to your Appery applications.


Upload Bit6 cordova plugin to Appery

Sample Apps

The easiest way to get started is using one of the demo applications. There are two sample apps available. They are saved as Appery Plugins and can be used just by uploading to Appery platform. Both apps demonstrate some basic Bit6 functionality - login/signup and making/receiving calls and implemented based on Appery UI components.

The difference between two projects is authentication part - one is using Bit6, and the second one Appery authentication service.

There are additional configuration steps to setup the sample app to use Appery authentication. Please check the section for the appery authentication setup.

Appery Bit6 Demo App


Set API Key

var opts = {'apikey': 'myApiKey'};

default-src * data: blob:;

Please note editing the sources directly will break support of editing the project from Designer (as the notification says when you start editing the file). So better to to this change when all the changes to the project are done.

Build the app

Demo with Appery Auth

To use the demo with appery auth you'll need to follow the same steps described above for the simple Bit6 demo and do some additional configurations mentioned below

Using Sample App