FCM / GCM Configuration

Bit6 uses Google Cloud Messaging to support Android notifications.

Google Project

Go to Google Cloud Console and create (or edit) a project.

Project Number

In Console Dashboard, expand project info and get the Project Number

Enable GCM API

  1. In Console Dashboard, click on Go to APIs overview in APIs section to go to API Manager.

  2. Click Library in the left menu, search for Google Cloud Messaging and click on it

  3. Click Enable in the next screen

Server Key

  1. In API Manager, click Credentials on the left panel.

  2. Click on Create Credentials and select API Key option

  3. Select Server key

  4. Set a name for the key (or use the default one), do not specify any IP addresses, click Create.

  5. A newly generated Server Key will be shown

  6. Copy the Server Key. You can always find it later in the Credentials page.

Bit6 Configuration


Select your app in the Dashboard.

Click Settings in the left menu, then go to Push Notifications tab.


GCM Settings

Scroll down to GCM for Android section, enter Project Number and Server Key and click Update.

GCM Settings