APNS Configuration

Bit6 uses Apple Push Notification Service to deliver messages and incoming call notifications.

App Settings


You will need to generate certificates for both Development and Production APNS environments, and also a VoIP Services certificate. Repeat the steps below for each of them.

Generate Certificate

  1. Click Create Certificate in one of the sections.

  2. You will see the Add iOS Certificate assistant. Follow the instructions and then click Continue.

  3. Using the Certificate Signing Request that was just created, generate the APNS Push Certificate.

  4. Once the Download button appears, you are ready to download. You may need to reload the page for this to update. Download the newly created certificate:

  5. Open the downloaded certificate. This will load it into Keychain Access app on your Mac.

  6. In Keychain Access your certificate should be shown in My Certificates or Certificates lists.

Export Certificate

You’re almost there. The next step is to export the certificate as a .p12 file.

In Keychain Access right-click on the certificate that was just added and choose Export. The same can be done by selecting the certificate and clicking File -> Export Items... in the menu bar.

When saving the file, use the Personal Information Exchange (.p12) format.

Bit6 Configuration


Select your app in the Dashboard.

Click Settings in the left menu, then go to Push Notifications tab.


APNS Settings

Drag and drop your .p12 file into the appropriate panel - APNS Development, APNS Production or APNS VoIP - and click Update.